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You know how things go at Chanel – fast. When you start looking at the Spring Summer Collection, the Fall Winter Collection is just around the corner.

And because we’re extremely curious about the next collection, here’s a few preview to tease your bag-obsession.

So what can we expect from the Fall Winter 2016 Collection?


First, it will be all about the ‘Boys’. The Boy Chanel Galuchat Bag will return with even more stunning design. Now you can play Snow White. The Boy Galuchat Bag is crafted in shiny light grey and with white galutchat leather – it’s really like the snow.

Refined with silver hardware, check out the large shiny chain. And the iconic Boy Clasp – is your heart melting yet?


But there are more; the boy will be decorated with different patterns like this one above. It’s actually the small boy bag and Chanel is teasing you how to wear it when you want to free your hands. Just attach the chains to your belt and you will have… a belt bag.

And it’s most beautiful belt bag ever made on earth. Love it.



And if you look for luxury and elegant accessories, consider this mini clutch bag with chain. Decorated with golden lines and little pearls. It’s like a bag for the princess.

Which one is your favorite?













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Medium Chanel Boy Original Clasp Flap Bag
Style code: A67086
Size: 5.7′ x 10′ x 3.5′ inches
Price: $4700 USD, €3720 euro, £2680 GBP, $5820 SGD
Small Chanel Boy Original Clasp Flap Bag
Style code: A67085
Size: 4.7′ x 8.1′ x 3.3′ inches
Price: $4300 USD, £2435 GBP, $5350 SGD


Medium Chanel Boy Original Clasp Flap Bag
Style code: A67086
Size: 5.7′ x 10′ x 3.5′ inches
Price: $4700 USD, €3720 euro, £2680 GBP, $5820 SGD

Load your wallet with cash and get ready to shoot. Chanel Pre-Fall Winter 2015 Bag Collection is not going to let you walk out of the store without grabbing one of their beautiful handbags. These bags are pressing on every addiction-button in your brains.

Especially these new Le Boy Chanel Flap Bags with Original Clasp. Do you know what it means by ‘Original Clasp’, let us freshen your mind. A few years ago, when Karl Lagerfeld decided to unleash the boys, he created a very unique Boy Clasp. It was not the boy CC clasp you’re admiring today, but rather the Boy Clasp has a circle embellishment on it. And this one has the exact same Clasp. Read below more about the original Boy Bags:

READ: Chanel Original Boy Bags

READ: Chanel Le Boy Flap Bag


Chanel Velvet Classic Flap Bag
Style code: A01112
Size: 6.3′ x 10′ x 3′ inches
Price: $3700 USD, €3060 euro, £2205 GBP, $4790 SGD


Chanel Velvet Classic Flap Bag
Style code: A01112
Size: 6.3′ x 10′ x 3′ inches
Price: $3700 USD, €3060 euro, £2205 GBP, $4790 SGD

And… the Velvet is back. The Chanel Classic Flap Bags in velvet must be a hit last year, because it has returned. Unlike leather, Velvet gives you a different experience, and the price tags of these bags are usual cheaper. Perhaps your wardrobe needs one?


Small Chanel Boy Velvet Flap Bag
Style code: A67085
Size: 4.7′ x 8.1′ x 3.3′ inches
Price: $3500 USD, €2940 euro, £2120 GBP, $4600 SGD


Medium Chanel Boy Velvet Flap Bag
Style code: A67086
Size: 5.7′ x 10′ x 3.5′ inches
Price: $3700 USD, €3100 euro, £2235 GBP, $4850 SGD

And obviously isn’t? Where there is Velvet Classic Flap Bag, there is also the Velvet Boy Bags. You see the beautiful CC boy Clasp embellished on these bags, priceless! But anyways, Chanel is introducing the boys in pop of colors like bright yellow, blue and red for the winter. You will love the colors, but also the material?


Chanel Ballerine Ribbon Piping Camera Case
Style code: A93014
Size: 5.1′ x 8.7′ x 2.4′ inches
Price: $2700 USD, €2140 euro, £1545 GBP, $3730 SGD

The new variation of the Camera Case, with diamond CC pattern in the center. The top is colored in black, which was done before. Though it’s called a ‘Camera Bag’, you can also use it as a normal handbag.


Chanel Trendy CC Metallic Plate Bowling Bag
Style code: A92238
Size: 6.3′ x 10.6′ x 5.5′ inches
Price: $5200 USD, €3690 euro, £2900 GBP, $6430 SGD
Large Chanel Trendy CC Metallic Plate Bowling Bag
Style code: A92239
Size: 9.1′ x 13′ x 5.5′ inches
Price: $6100 USD, £3495 GBP, $7500 SGD


Chanel Sequins Flap Bag
Style code: A94291
Size: 6.3′ x 9.8′ x 3.1′ inches
Price: $5500 USD, €4450 euro, £3205 GBP, $7760 SGD


Chanel Sequins Flap Bag
Style code: A94291
Size: 6.3′ x 9.8′ x 3.1′ inches
Price: $5500 USD, €4450 euro, £3205 GBP, $7760 SGD


Chanel Strass Herringbone Pattern Flap Bag
Style code: A94290
Size: 5.1′ x 7.9′ x 3.1′ inches
Price: Unknown


Chanel Strass Herringbone Pattern Flap Bag
Style code: A94290
Size: 5.1′ x 7.9′ x 3.1′ inches
Price: Unknown

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Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2015 Lookbook

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Not far from showcasing the Fall Winter 2015 Runway Collection, Louis Vuitton immediately releases the lookbook online.

And we can understand why…

Many handbags have already been featured in the runway, but you know when you’ve an unhealthy obsession for bags, another two or three looks never get boring.


One of the bags that stole the show was the newest Louis Vuitton clutch bag (we do not know its true name yet). The pink version with uneven studs on it is the most gorgeous of them all, in our opinion. It features a logo plate on the front with the Louis Vuitton signature on it. The logo plate also serves as a closure and is linked to the luxurious luggage tag on the left.


The Louis Vuitton Lady Bag has never been so pretty, styled in monogram canvas. And you know what’s the best of the best? It will be available in small size. Everything you crave in a Louis Vuitton Bag, the Lady Bag has it. It’s feminine, timeless and it can be worn as an everyday bag. It’s also designed with red-lines around the edges, which makes it stand-out. Just keep looking on the details, and you will find more gorgeous surprises.











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Celine Fall Winter 2015 Runway Bag Collection Part 2

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Welcome to Celine Fall Winter 2015 Runway Bag Collection Part 2.

And while you might expect the iconic handbags like the luggage, trapeze, phantom and so on, we want to disappoint you. None of these bags have been found on the runway, perhaps they were hiding, we do not know.

READ: Celine Fall Winter 2015 Runway Bag Collection Part 1

However, Celine did introduce their seasonal handbags, which are definitely worth to take a look because we know you will love them.

Ha! Pity huh, no classic bags.


The Celine bag that stole the runway, literally. It’s a brand-new tote bag, kind-of like the Cabas Bag, with enormous size to store everything-you need. It’s like a shopping tote and designed with the colors of the summer.

Love the orange, love the yellow.

And the zebra stripes on the handles add a personality to it.

Such a fresh bag is perfect for multiple purposes, like for the beach, city trip or even when you are on a well-deserved holiday.

And of course, Celine leathers will never disappoint you. And likewise, these bags are made from one of the best leather in the world.

You will absolutely love it.

So what do you think? Is it a buy or a no?











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Prada Fall Winter 2015 Runway Bag Collection Part 2

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Here’s part 2 of Prada’s Fall Winter 2015 Bag Collection.

Because the new Tote Bag with double skin was rockin’ the runway, we want to go more in depth about the design and the look.

Basically this new bag is going to be made in different leather, including exotic ostrich. Once you zip the bag open, it changes into a multicolored handbag.

I love the design.

It’s not really boxy, but smooth and flexible. As seen on the runway, its best carried when you push the sides a bit to the inside, which forms a little wing.

A beautiful piece of street-chic accessory, refined with silver hardware, my personal preference goes to the pink bag.

It’s like double strawberry ice cream – pink on the exterior and another light pink on the inside. Here are the other colors:













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Check Out Céline’s Winter 2014 Handbags

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Celine Winter 2014 Handbags

[Editor's Note: This week, the PurseBlog staff is out of the office to enjoy the last little bit of summer. We'll return after Labor Day, but in the meantime, we'll be running both new posts and a few of our favorites from the past few months to get you ready for fall.]

As we continue to inch our way through summer, the advancing date means just one thing in the fashion world: fall collections are starting to pop up all over the Internet. Céline’s Winter 2014 Handbag Lookbook just popped up online, and we’ve got all the bags below.

The only new line debuting for Winter 2014 is the weird Orb Bag that graced the season’s runway, which comes in both an east-west satchel and a petite French purse. Other than that, you’ll find a lot of standby Céline favorites, including the Luggage Tote, Phantom Luggage and Trapeze in new color combinations. The Belt Bag, which debuted for Fall 2014, is a particular standout in sedate tan with subtle neon pink edging. Check out the full lookbook below.

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