Marc Quinn’s hyperrealist art can now be found on Lady Dior handbags

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Dior by Marc Quinn (2)

Last week, Dior celebrated two important events, the launch of their home label and the opening of their four story London shop. The store is Dior’s largest in all of the UK, and retails ‘women’s and men’s universes, leather accessories, jewelry, timepieces, the children’s collections and Baby Dior, with the exclusive addition of the first Dior HOME.’ To celebrate this milestone store opening, Dior will unveil a limited-edition selection of iconic Lady Dior bags and small leather accessories that have been reimagined by the artist Marc Quinn.

Quinn has breathed a new life into iconic Dior pieces by transposing his hyper real artwork onto the French brand’s classic handbags. The artist’s well known works make Dior’s bags into dramatic accessories.

Dior by Marc Quinn1
The Lady Dior “Fossil Record” bag. The floral motifs represent flowers that are eternally trapped in a state of perfect full bloom. The concept references the desire of man to totally control nature.

Dior by Marc Quinn (3)
Bags with a bright blue iris from Quinn’s series ‘We Share Our Chemistry with the Stars’. Quinn stated that “the word ‘iris’ comes from the Greek word for ‘rainbow’, and the colors celebrate individuality.” He added “In the middle, there’s the black void of the pupil, which recalls the mystery and uncertainty of existence.”

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The collection also includes small leather goods. This piece features an orchid from the collection, “In the Night Garden.”

The colors of the flower and background are reversed on the other side of the same card holder.

There’s a lot to love and admire in this collection if you’re a fan of either Quinn or Dior. We don’t know how many pieces each item in the collection is limited to, but we do know that every item is sure to sell out quickly.

Artist collaborations seem to be popular these days. Not long ago, Jeff Koons created some stylish phone cases for Google.

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The Best Street Style Trend Is on Sale

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The Best Street Style Trend is On Sale

When it comes to Fashion Month street style, you see a lot of clown couture; sensible bags are typically kept at home, with front row attendees favoring the tiniest, flashiest, and often most controversial clutches and top handles on the market. Which is why I was so surprised to see that one of the biggest trends so far this season has been the oversized saddle bag. Even more surprising? You can get yours at a discount on Shopbop! They’ve added a slew of new items to their spring sale, including this pastel Elizabeth & James confection and tassel-accented Milly. To get your Fashion Month fix, shop these saddle styles and thousands of other new-to-sale items here…

The Best Street Style Trend is On Sale

Elizabeth and James Scott Small Moon Saddle Bag ($346.50, from $495)

The Best Street Style Trend is On Sale

Milly Astor Saddle Bag ($227.50, from $325)

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The Mighty Wallet on Chain (WOC)

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“Go mini”, “go nano”,” the smaller, the better” have been the mantras of the handbag world this year as the tiny trend has skyrocketed. In The Ultimate Guide to Mini Bags, PurseBop provided you with the highlights and prices of mini bags across all of your favorite brands. Now, we’re investigating the mini trend even more thoroughly with bags so small they’re technically not even bags. The Wallet on Chain or WOC is another accessory that should be a part of every fashionista’s collection. Of course, you can’t decide on something as important as a WOC without a little guidance…so, PurseBop is here again to tell you everything you need to know!




5 Reasons You Need a Wallet on Chain (WOC)

#1 Kill Two Birds with One Stone 
The name “wallet on chain” makes the WOC seem like a wannabe bag or oversized wallet that’s not practical enough to be a bag. However, the WOC might just be the most useful accessory you’ll everown! Most WOCs have enough space to put other items besides your wallet essentials like makeup, keys or sunglasses, which really does make them the perfect tiny bag. Some WOCs can be carried without the chain and can double as clutch or actual wallet inside a bigger bag.

#2 Highly Functional 
The interior compartment of a WOC mimics a real wallet. There are usually credit card slots and change compartments in WOCs. With the designated spots, WOCs are super organized and all your important items are right where they need to be.

#3 For the Minimalist: Grab and Go
Since the WOC is so organized, it’s incredibly easy to tote it around without overthinking. After you pack your WOC, you don’t need to worry about extra accessories such as a real wallet or makeup bag. If you pack smartly, things stay put and secure in your WOC, which makes them the perfect travel companion.

#4 Sleek, Slim and Compact
WOCs are structured in a classic wallet form and not meant to be bulky. Carrying the WOC is not fussy and it can easily transition from more casual to more formal looks with its small size.

#5 Easy Way to Join the Party
Most WOCs are relatively inexpensive compared to mini bags or designer bags in general. WOCs can be a great starter accessory for trying out brands that you’re curious about or don’t want to hardcore invest in yet. Many designer WOCs hover around the $1000-$3000 range (see price chart below). That being said, WOCs really are a smart purchase since they have multiple purposes.

Check Out PurseBop's WOC Guide Below...


Boy Wallet on Chain (Lambskin)
Boy Wallet on Chain (Calfskin Chevron, Aged Calfskin)
Wallet on Chain (Patent Goatskin, Quilted Lambskin)
Wallet on Chain (Grained Calfskin)

wallet_nbsp_on_nbsp-sheet.png.fashionImg.veryhi (1)
boy_nbsp_chanel_wallet-sheet.png.fashionImg.veryhi (1)

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent Monogramme Matelasse Chain Wallet (Calfskin)
Saint Laurent Mongramme Metalasse Chain Wallet (Caviar-Grain Leather)
Saint Laurent Monogramme Metallic Chain Wallet


Photo Courtesy: Spotted Fashion


Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Twist Chain Wallet
Louis Vuitton Chain Louise (Calfskin Box)
Louis Vuitton Chain Louise (Patent Calfkskin)
Louis Vuitton Pochette Saint Germain

louis-vuitton-chain-louise-special-handbags--M94648_PM2_Front view
louis-vuitton-louise-handbags--M94425_PM2_Front view
louis-vuitton-twist-chain-wallet-epi-leather-small-leather-goods--M61036_PM2_Front view
louis-vuitton-pochette-saint-germain-monogram-empreinte-leather-handbags--M60638_PM2_Front view


Dior Diorama Wallet on Chain
Miss Dior Promenade Clutch



Givenchy Pandora Wallet on Chain



Valentino Rockstud Chain Wallet


Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler PS11 Chain Wallet



Prada Saffiano Leather Wallet on Chain

Wallet on Chain Price in USD
Chanel Boy WOC (Lambskin) $2,400
Chanel Boy WOC (Calfskin Chevron, Aged Caviar) $2,100
Chanel WOC (Patent Goatskin, Quiled Lambskin) $2,100
Chanel WOC (Grained Calfskin) $1,900
Saint Laurent Monogramme Matelasse Chain Wallet (Calfskin) $1,490
Saint Laurent Monogramme Matelasse Metallic Chain Wallet $1,490
Saint Laurent Monogramme Matelasse Chain Wallet (Caviar-Grain) $1,250
Louis Vuitton Chain Louis (Calfskin Box) $2,600
Louis Vuitton Chain Louis (Patent Calfskin) $2,280
Louis Vuitton Pochette Saint Germain $1,670
Louis Vuitton Twist Chain Wallet $1,620
Miss Dior Promenade Clutch Bag $1,450
Dior Diorama Wallet on Chain TBD
Givenchy Pandora Wallet on Chain $1,195
Valentino Rockstud Chain Wallet $1,045
Proenza Schouler PS11 Chain Wallet $985
Prada Saffiano Leather Wallet on Chain $830
unnamed (3)


unnamed (4)


unnamed (5)




Is the Wallet on  Chain a “must have” accessory for you? Click HERE to join us in the conversation on BopTalk. Tell us your thoughts on the WOC and share your pictures of and personal experience with the WOC if you own one!

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This Is the Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Handbag You'll Ever Lay Eyes On

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Just in time for the holidays, Louis Vuitton rolled out its 2016 Cruise collection, and with it, plenty of City Steamer bags to lust over. The smart silhouette features an easy-to-tote structure and sophisticated details like a small gold padlock and optional monogram. But the luxe style you're looking at right now? That's the beige crocodile version, and it retails for $55,500, making it the most expensive LV handbag ever.

Don't get us wrong — we'd be hard-pressed to find something wrong with the impeccably crafted accessory. In fact, its neutral color and patent finish make it the perfect wear-every-day bag. But would you shell out the cash for this City Steamer? Or, better yet, add it to your holiday wish list? Read on to see Michelle Williams model the design in more standard colorways, then admire LV's priciest offering once more, and let us know if it's worth the splurge in the comments section!

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Allow us to show you another Chanel stunner in the form of the Diamond CC Wallet On Chain Bag, a new wallet on chain that’s definitely gonna be your next target! Quilted to perfection, you’ll never want to part ways with this baby again!

READ: Chanel Diamond CC Flap Bag for Fall Winter 2014 Pre-Collection

For your information, this design concept had been seen during the brand’s Fall Winter 2014 Pre-Collection, but in the normal, flap bag size kind (for more details, you can click on the link above). The diamond quilt is something, of course, but the embossed ‘CC’ in the center makes it unique and eye-catching…perfect for showing-off, and you definitely have our blessing! It even comes in a variety of colors to choose from, so whatever your mood and taste, there’s always going to be a perfect Diamond CC WOC for you!

As of now, we don’t have price deets available yet. Just stay tuned for more updates very soon!


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A bag that we’ve longed for.

It was all over the Spring Summer 2015 runway. And it was highlighted numerous of times on the Spring Summer 2015 Ad Campaign.

READ: Valentino Spring Summer 2015 Ad Campaign

The name?

Valentino Eye on Eye Bag.

And if you’ve always been a huge fan of the Valentino Lock Shoulder Bag. Then you’ve no choice than to add this new accessory to complete your collection.

For the summer, Valentino has prepared many bright colors. But here are the two styles we love the most and of which we think is perfect to ease your fashion into the summer.

You know it’s good leather when you see one. This bag is made from impeccable and high quality leather that’s easy to maintain. Designed in single colors, the two large circles on the front flap is the most notable part of the design. And it’s also how this bag got its name: ‘Eye on Eye’.

It features a leather strap with buckle-fastening on the front. The shoulder strap can be adjusted to your comfort. You can find an internal zipped pocket on the inside.

Refined with golden hardware, made from calf leather, measuring 6’ x 8.5’ x 3’ inches (H x W x D), priced at $2075 USD via Mytheresa.




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